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A policy is a statement of principles to guide decisions and actions. At Virginia Tech, policies are typically high-level statements of intent that often are supported by a cohesive set of more detailed operational standards, procedures, and/or guidelines that provide guidance for implementing the policy.

Policy Pyramid


  • Administers the policy review lifecycle, coordinates communication of new and revised policies to the university community, and maintains the university‚Äôs policy website, which serves as the official repository for all university policies.  Maintains an archive of superseded, retired, and obsolete policies.
  • Proactively identifies policy governance trends in higher education, based on other institutions and regulatory or authoritative guidance, and facilitates timely policy additions or updates based on applicable university operations.
  • Provides consultation and training on policy lifecycle, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Advises on policy development with respect to content, clarity, consistency with existing policies and procedures, and best practices.
  • Facilitates policy review with the Policy Advisory Committee, as needed.
  • Ensures that administrative policies are assigned to the appropriate policy owner based on policy subject matter, and proper approvals commensurate with content changes in new or revised policies is consistently solicited, obtained, and documented as needed.



The Policy Governance Framework is a part of a structured hierarchy that governs University activities by :

  • Ensuring a University-wide approach to the development, establishment, review and communication of policies to ensure relevance, objectivity and consistency with internal and external regulations.
  • Defining the roles, responsibilities and authorities in relation to the development, establishment and review of policies.

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